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Anonymous asked: My friend was at the con, the question was asked to Jared the day before, to he alone, Lana wasn't there. The next day another person asked her, the actual actress playing Regina, so of course they expected a better answer not a 'omg you asked to Jared already!11'. My friend (who btw is not part of any group) agreed with what the fan who asked the question said: Lana was dismissive. She was let down too, and she's not a big SQ fan. It's not a misunderstand at all.

I understand people feeling that way, TRULY! I get it. but I think I’ve heard just about every opinion on this, and I’ve shared my own multiple times. I have nothing more to say about it and I’m not interested in facilitating a debate among anons, so I won’t be replying to messages about this anymore unless there’s actually something new to say.

Anonymous asked: With all the theories/interesting facts going around about SQ (e.g Regina telling Henry that Cora will take everything she loves away from her & Cora trying to kill Emma in the SAME episode // Regina acting surprised when she learns Emma has magic (2x10) even after Emma's touch helped her open the portal in 2x01), are you going to update the Sacred Book of Swen?

that’s a really good question…………………………. I don’t know. trying to keep that blog updated is a HUGE source of anxiety for me so I’ve resorted to just flat-out ignoring it bc the guilt of abandoning it is significantly less stressful than trying to keep up with it and that’s the gods honest truth

Anonymous asked: Wow Colemans comments were homophobic too, worse than Ginny's actually.

I’m sure they were, he said a LOT of terrible things, I can’t honestly remember it all, but what I remember most was a lot of ignorant bullshit about LGBTQ people having to “wait our turn” (and comparing us to cars??), as well as purposefully cruel comments about what the cast ‘really’ thinks of SQ fans.

I’m not too interested in saying this or that was ‘worse’ though, maybe on a basic level what Ginny said wasn’t as bad, but I think her status is so important to consider. she’s more famous than MC, much more visible. she had tons and tons of fans rallying against SQ fans, calling us bullies and even using the “NOH8” slogan against us (something specifically created to promote the acceptance of LGBTQ people, now being used against a largely LGBTQ group for the ‘crime’ of speaking out against what many saw as a blatantly homophobic comment).

and what did she do? she supported those fans, she accepted their pity and agreed with them that she was the one being attacked, thus giving them the justification they needed to further vilify and bully SQ fans (to this fucking day). the hatred Ginny’s willful ignorance has fueled is reprehensible to me, regardless of her intentions.

I think the worst of all this is how both of them dealt with being called out. Ginny never apologized, never once admitted she could’ve inadvertently said some really hurtful things. instead she chose to imply SQ fans love incest and that anyone who thinks her comments were homophobic were wrong (here’s a tip: straight people don’t get to decide what is or isn’t homophobic, especially above gay and lesbian people).

and IIRC, Coleman may have issued some sort of ‘apology’ (I’m not sure), but I’m fairly certain I remember him flat out denying saying things that we know for a fact he said, so… I don’t really think that counts.

Anonymous asked: People still misunderstand the Lana thing at the Paris Con. She said "Jared already answered it" to the SQ question because the question was asked to BOTH OF THEM. So basically, what she was saying was that since Jared had already answered it the previous day, she was going to give her answer now. If people paid attention, they'd notice that Jared didn't answer the question that day because he had already given his answer the previous day, which was what Lana was pointing out. That's all.

ohhhhhh, that makes sense. perfect example of how a single comment can be interpreted in so many different ways. but I like this rather innocuous take on it, thanks for sharing.

Anonymous asked: I was the anon of one of the latest messages you published, I don't know who you think I am, but I never wrote things like "“if you aren’t a blind nolife lana’s fan and you can be objective[…] you know she was being stupid at the beg”...lol I'm confused. My one and only comment was the one I sent you about being weirded out by Lana's over the top headcanons in favor for OQ.

lol ok, sorry. I can’t tell one anon from the next, especially when you’re all talking about the same thing.

Anonymous asked: Is it common knowledge within fandom that you run ouathinktank-metacommentary? Kudos to you and all involved. This doesn't need to be published.

lol, I hope not because I don’t. I’ve got nothing to do with that blog, sorry!

Anonymous asked: Can you imagine Jenr saying Emma already loves Hook or wants a family of little pirates with him? People would tear her apart. Yeah that was Lana basically said. She kinda equalized her love for Henry with the one supposedly Regina already feels for freaking Robin Hood. I think Lana joking about Lady Marian finding a new man since her husband is now taken was super gross. Sorry, I won't apologize for that. A smaller con isn't as PR heavy as the SDCC, so she didn't have to say certain things. (1)

(2) For example, at the Aussie con JMo attended she too told fans cons like that one are great for interacting with fans, while SDCC is mostly PR and promotion interviews. So Lana really didn’t have to pimp OQ as hard as she did. I was weirded out when she said Regina wanted a family with a nearly stranger. Also, joke or not, she’s being very sexist and playing into this gross notion that poc women have to fight for the white man’s attention. I thought she would be less thoughtless than that.

it seems like you think fandom is less critical of Lana than Jen, I’m not convinced that’s true, but, honestly… so what if it is? because I think what you’re perceiving is the result of people actively working to defend against racism, I personally can’t feel bad about it and I definitely don’t think we need to ‘correct’ it and be more critical (I mean, why is “be angrier at Lana” your solution rather than “scrutinize Jen less too”?)

I never asked you to apologize for what you feel. as I’ve said, you’re entitled to your feelings. I disagreed with the idea that your opinion is the only ‘correct’ one because you’re thinking objectively (“if you aren’t a blind nolife lana’s fan and you can be objective[…] you know she was being stupid at the beg”), even though your reasons were very subjective, imo (“[…]the looks between her and Jared. […] It semeed they had talked about it before.”)

I also already mentioned to someone else that it seems more prudent to me to blame A&E for writing Regina into this horrible plot line in the first place, than to dwell on what Lana’s said — which is pretty much always going to be justified with “she’s doing her job” whereas A&E should have (and easily could have) done their jobs without forcing their actors to partake in and promote a show full of racist, misogynistic, heterosexist garbage

I understand where you’re coming from, but I’ve already shared my opinion (more than once now), so I don’t know what else to say about this.

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