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When I play Regina, I play her with an underlying care for Emma. I do think she has a love for Emma, in a sense. It could be the connection with Henry, but some people think it’s something else.


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Where does this quote come from? I can’t find a source.

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this post is the only source I could find

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So guys… I’ve been studying film for a while now. I’ve taken more than enough classes and shot for films myself KNOWING that camera angles and pans always REVEAL information. Now here..


When Emma says, “I’m tired of living in the past” and Hook says I know how you feel… we come back to Emma and the camera pans sideways to reveal her family (Snow, Charming, Henry AND REGINA) in her background as Hook walks AWAY.

It wouldn’t have been significant if the shot was just a close up of Emma’s face when we see her again after Hook says his line, but the shot started like this ..


And ended like this..


It clearly follows her eyeline looking and watching him leave but INCLUDES her future happiness. She’s “tired of living in the past”.

I’m just saying it was intentional camera movement..


ok one more thing mm pointed out to me

but heavy subtext in that queerness is v often coded as magic etc in fiction and now Hook’s (forced!!) kiss threatens to ~take away that magic~ while at the same time Emma is learning magic from Regina and coming to terms with that part of herself

is this show even aware of what story it’s telling like

Anonymous said: You seem to be good at early plothole spotting. What was the most overlooked one from tonight's ep? :)


Regina smugly waltzing in, proud to announce that she’s done a protection spell that can’t be undone by blood magic. Which of course couldn’t have been done - to her vault of hearts?

You know, with HERS in it?

Hence the staggeringly asinine ‘need’ to give it to the man she trusts because of his stalkingly charming ability to pop up everywhere where she is (because logic, what logic?) and after that keep on acting… oddly like she still has it, because, oops - they forgot about that?  


things that are NEVER said when people think a het pairing will become canon:

"why do you have to sexualize everything?"

"you just want to see them fuck"

"you’re disrespecting the actors"

"you’re delusional"

"no one wants to see that"

"they should leave it purely ambiguous and subtextual"

so, yeah, if you say them about a queer pairing i’m about 9000% certain you’re being homophobic no matter what excuses you make

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