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Anonymous asked: Is it common knowledge within fandom that you run ouathinktank-metacommentary? Kudos to you and all involved. This doesn't need to be published.

lol, I hope not because I don’t. I’ve got nothing to do with that blog, sorry!

Anonymous asked: Can you imagine Jenr saying Emma already loves Hook or wants a family of little pirates with him? People would tear her apart. Yeah that was Lana basically said. She kinda equalized her love for Henry with the one supposedly Regina already feels for freaking Robin Hood. I think Lana joking about Lady Marian finding a new man since her husband is now taken was super gross. Sorry, I won't apologize for that. A smaller con isn't as PR heavy as the SDCC, so she didn't have to say certain things. (1)

(2) For example, at the Aussie con JMo attended she too told fans cons like that one are great for interacting with fans, while SDCC is mostly PR and promotion interviews. So Lana really didn’t have to pimp OQ as hard as she did. I was weirded out when she said Regina wanted a family with a nearly stranger. Also, joke or not, she’s being very sexist and playing into this gross notion that poc women have to fight for the white man’s attention. I thought she would be less thoughtless than that.

it seems like you think fandom is less critical of Lana than Jen, I’m not convinced that’s true, but, honestly… so what if it is? because I think what you’re perceiving is the result of people actively working to defend against racism, I personally can’t feel bad about it and I definitely don’t think we need to ‘correct’ it and be more critical (I mean, why is “be angrier at Lana” your solution rather than “scrutinize Jen less too”?)

I never asked you to apologize for what you feel. as I’ve said, you’re entitled to your feelings. I disagreed with the idea that your opinion is the only ‘correct’ one because you’re thinking objectively (“if you aren’t a blind nolife lana’s fan and you can be objective[…] you know she was being stupid at the beg”), even though your reasons were very subjective, imo (“[…]the looks between her and Jared. […] It semeed they had talked about it before.”)

I also already mentioned to someone else that it seems more prudent to me to blame A&E for writing Regina into this horrible plot line in the first place, than to dwell on what Lana’s said — which is pretty much always going to be justified with “she’s doing her job” whereas A&E should have (and easily could have) done their jobs without forcing their actors to partake in and promote a show full of racist, misogynistic, heterosexist garbage

I understand where you’re coming from, but I’ve already shared my opinion (more than once now), so I don’t know what else to say about this.

Anonymous asked: Yes Ginny's comment had homophobic undertone (though she claimed it was because SQ was incest, since she plays Snow as thinking of Regina as her step mother still), but Coleman's tweets were way, way waaay worse and apparently Lana thinks he's a nice man. Lately Lana just keeps disappointing me.

Ginny’s comments were homophobic, Coleman’s were ignorant and cruel, but what you wanna talk about is how Lana thinks they’re nice…?

you’ve got to see how ridiculous that is, and how twisted it looks when you message me about GG and MC, not to talk about how wrong they were, but to use their faults as a way of further scrutinizing Lana

don’t be surprised when people point out the racism inherent in dismissing white people’s blatantly shitty comments except when they assist in never letting Lana live down ‘that one thing she retweeted that one time’

Anonymous asked: Not the anon from yesterday, but I think that person said Lana's OQ promotion was gross because of certain comments she made. Like how Marian needs to find another man (lol as if RH is not her husband), how Regina will fight for her man, how she wanted a family with Robin but Emma ruined that, etc. Some headcanons were very over the top, things nobody ever said when promoting their couples. Lana said Regina already loves Robin (after less than a week of dating, okay), so a lot of fans were sad.

I can’t blame people for not liking comments like that, you gotta know I don’t like hearing it either. so it’s not that dislike I take issue with, I get why people would be upset, and I’m not saying they shouldn’t be or aren’t allowed to be, I think it’s totally valid to take issue with comments like that.

but I do feel it’s kind of a waste and misplacement of anger to put it all on Lana (or to focus so much on promotion from actors in general) and never carry that blame back to A&E. people are holding this grudge because of whatever she said that they didn’t like, but I feel like the bigger issue is with the writers (and their bosses at ABC and Disney).

they’re the ones who’ve forced Lana into a situation where, if she’s to do her job, she has to take part in this cliched misogynistic story of women fighting over a man. they’re the ones who’ve put her in a situation where rooting for her character and understanding the story can so easily mean belittling and invalidating another woman’s character/story.

I think our time is better spent criticizing A&E for pitting two WOC against each other in a fight over some white dude, and for fostering an environment where people are ‘joking’ about shipping Marian with a noose, than arguing amongst ourselves about whether we should be angry at Lana.

Anonymous asked: Lana was unprofessional when answering a fan's question (Bnaz). "Jared already answered it yesterday", then the looks between her and Jared. At the end, she kinda saved it, but if you aren't a blind nolife lana's fan and you can be objective (yeah, I'm a Lana's fan, I'm an evil regal, and I freakin' love her work, but I know she's a human, and she's not perfect, in fact, I'm not an ugly duckling but I think JMO was way more professional on her interview), you know she was being stupid at the beg

And fans are their freakin’ life. They exist and earn money because of fans. If 1000 fans ask the same thing 1000 times, they fucking’ answer it with a smile on their damn faces, they earn billions of fucking dollars. It’s like a client. If you have a store, clients are always right (except if they wanna rob you or kill you you know). And I repeat, just check Jared and Lana’s looks. “Fuck, can’t SQstupids shut up?” It semeed they had talked about it before.

so, I watched the video. I understand thinking she seemed irritated, I understand not feeling great after hearing that (and I can imagine being there in person would increase the intensity of the situation), but looks and intonations and how it all seemed are very subjective things. “Jared already answered it yesterday” could just as easily be seen as her simply recalling and agreeing with what he said, rather than some attempt to remind everyone how done she is with the question. she gave, in my opinion, a respectful and professional response, even if it was dispassionate.

I don’t really understand, you say you know Lana’s an imperfect human being and yet… you’re mad? or…? I mean, if you think her response was less than satisfactory, but you understand she’s not perfect, then why are you still hung up on this? the point of acknowledging she’s human is to recognize flaws, admit mistakes and then, you know, move on. it’s meant to give her a break, not justify your anger (“it’s ok that I’m mad bc I love her, I just know she’s not perfect, unlike those ‘nolifes’!”)

I think it’s ok if you’re upset about it though, but the issue is acting like it’s a universal fact that everyone must adhere to (and turning to petty name calling if they don’t). you’ve gotta respect that it’s only your opinion, based solely on your interpretation of (admittedly pretty vague) events. I don’t think you’re being as objective as you claim, which wouldn’t be a problem if you weren’t pretending to be. I would’ve been a lot more sympathetic had this message been worded differently (less “these are the facts and anyone who disagrees is an idiot” and more “I personally felt [blank] because [blank]”).

and maybe you’re right about answering the same question 1000 times, but plenty of other actors have treated fans a hell of a lot worse than Lana ever has, and they’re still making their “billions.” she’s hardly the place such a discussion should start. (and I promise she’s not making billions)

this whole thing just feels like a waste of time to me, a bit of a red herring. people are welcome to infer what they will and feel how they feel, but you’ve got to know none of it is provable and no one is obligated to agree. individual assumptions about Lana’s true thoughts and intentions (or any other actors’ clandestine feelings) will never be the rallying point some want it to be. it’s all too intangible, and there are far better, much more tangible issues to get angry about. instead of debating what kind of look Lana shared with Jared, or what her tone of voice meant, I’d rather talk about, for instance, Ginny’s blatantly homophobic comments and her stubborn refusal to acknowledge or apologize for them.

or just about anything else, really. OUAT has many serious problems, but I don’t think Lana is one of them.

onceuponawhine replied to your post: anonymous said:I’m so glad you mi…

Agree with your response! And sorry, anon, it’s not “gross” that Lana’s selling (“pimping”? seriously?) a relationship that’s meant to be, no matter rushed, no matter how poorly executed, a major force in Regina’s life. It’s her damn job.

yeah, I should’ve mentioned — I don’t know specifically what the anon is talking about (if anything), and I don’t blame them for not liking the OQ promotion in general, but I can’t blame Lana for doing her job either. I don’t like the ship, and I don’t really enjoy hearing them talk about it in the non-critical way they have to for PR, but literally none of that is Lana’s fault.

Anonymous asked: I'm so glad you missed the fuckery that was the french con, with the heavy OQ pimping done by Lana and Sean, especially Lana (in a gross way too). If I had any doubt about OQ, I know now it's definitely endgame. I honestly thought Robin would get back to his wife, because duh logic, but it's OUAT so..I should have known better. I'm just sad another woman of color will be used as a prop for that shitty hetero instant-romance :( sigh wish I could quit SQ.

I can hardly believe it because it’s so perplexing that shows do this, let alone over and over and over, but given OUAT’s terrible history with characters of color, Marian will most likely be killed or disappear somehow (if not also revealed to be sinister in some way), and that’s just… pathetic. (but on the bright side: MAIDEN QUEEN EXISTS NOW! I love that femslashers will take an awful situation like this and create another beautiful ship out of it.)

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